Exchange EDB Tools for Recovery & Conversion

Tools for Mailbox Extraction from Exchange Public & Private Stores. Also, Conversion into Multiple Email Clients

Exchange Recovery Software

Easy way to Restore Mailboxes from unhealthy EDB Files to healthy Outlook PST & Active Exchange Server accounts

  • Dismounted and Offline EDB files in corrupt state recovered successfully
  • Recovered mailbox items can be converted into MSG, PDF, HTML, or EML file
  • Migrate database mailbox(s) onto Live Exchange 2013 or Microsoft Outlook
  • Quick and Advanced scanning modes offered for minor & major corruption
  • Selective Email Conversion: Apply date filter or select emails using checkboxes
  • Data and metadata retention is guaranteed by the tool during EDB conversion
  • Overview Mailboxes: Preview emails and corresponding attachments separately
  • Customize Output PST Size: Split the resultant PST file by size for manageability

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Convert EDB to PST - The perfectionist solution to convert Exchange EDB to PST, thereby, generating healthy PST files from corrupted Exchange database EDB files. Great solution to try after your Exchange Server goes down.

Recover Exchange Server - One of the most topnotch solutions to recover Exchange Server database and to convert EDB to PST file format is right here in your view. Exchange Recovery software will do the needful whenever work takes a backseat in your enterprise after Exchange Server crash.

Restore Deleted Mailboxes - If you think that our Exchange Recovery software fails here i.e. at the aspect to recover and convert EDB files to PST then you are mistaken as this feature is there in our product. Using amazing Exchange Recovery tool, you can even get back deleted mailboxes easily.

Convert EDB to PST - An intimidated Exchange Sever corruptness when takes place results into serious problems. Corruption when takes place has to handle with extra care, otherwise it will lead to loss of data. Once you get useful package half of the problem is solved. Exchange Server Recovery software will repair corrupt Exchange database and convert Exchange EDB files into PST files. You can swiftly convert priv1.edb, pub1.edb and mailbox database.edb to PST Outlook format. Once they are prone to damage, you will have to face serious loss as you organization is dependent on those files. As there are solutions for every problem, so when you come across damaged EDB files they can easily managed with this best Exchange EDB converter. You can restore Exchange database and export unlimited Exchange mailbox database to Outlook format.

Vast Capabilities Associated with this EDB Converter Application - Faulty messages will appear after damage of EDB files. In Outlook there is inbuilt utility called Eseutil /p. It might solve errors but there is no guarantee for this. Now suppose these faulty error messages appear: JET_errRecordNotFound,the key was not found, JET_errKeyDuplicate Illegal duplicate key. Then only 1% chance is there for recovery with this utility, our EDB recovery application can easily convert EDB files into PST of Outlook.

Convert EDB to PST: Our application has vast capacities and can deal with any faulty messages. Scanning EDB files is also easy with this amazing tool. You can at once recover EDB emails messages, contacts info, entire record for permanent deleted emails, entire drafted as well as sent email records, all the appointments, schedules for meetings, alarms etc and convert mailbox database.EDB into PST files. You can convert EDB file of Exchange database with all of its attachments. After the completion of conversion process, you can use those converted files PST and can not only access them but can use them. You can transfer unlimited Exchange EDB files database to PST Outlook format without a single alteration.

Abundant Specialties Associated with this EDB Mailbox Converter Tool - It would be wrong to leave a single feature untouched. Listed below are few characteristics: Conversion from EDB data to PST without a bit of change in the original data of Exchange database files, It has commendable compatibility with Outlook all the editions starting from version 2000 till 2010, Once the conversion process completes, accessibility is regained after converted into PST from damaged EDB, This Exchange EDB recovery profitable package can proficiently convert inaccessible EDB files to accessible PST files, Exchange folders are recovered up to the mark

Supports Exchange Editions: Exchange in 5.5v, Exchange 2000v, Exchange 2003v, Exchange 2007v and Exchange 2010 version. For FREE Evidence Download Product Evaluation: To get evaluation of this software get the application in download free trial run and get the proof about the application. Trial evidence will clear all the misconceptions you are harboring about this application to convert EDB to PST. There are certain steps that you are required to download software in FREE Trial evidence. You can easily see the working process of converting EDB files into PST and features will also make various things clear. You cannot save the converted PST files from damaged EDB files.

Full Swing Functionality: Downloading the software has given you complete idea about how to convert EDB database to PST Outlook format using this proficient software; you have understood the features accessed conversion procedure. Now, it's the time buy the application in full working operation and save converted PST files from damaged EDB files. This application is available at very limited price.

Support – Contact at Once: We provide you support in case you are facing a single issue with the software usage or features or working process or cost of the application or steps of the application etc, these matters and other such matters can create hurdles in smooth road of conversion. No matter to worry, you can take help from support section 24X7. You can contact them through emails or can have interaction with then via chat.